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Is the mini breaker available for OEM/ODM customization?

Is the mini breaker available for OEM/ODM customization?

Update Time:2023/11/6
Indeed, not only mini circuit breaker, but all of our company's products can be customized through OEM/ODM. 

Here's how our OEM and ODM services work:

1.OEM Customization: If you have a specific design or branding in mind and wish to use our products with your own logo, labeling, or packaging, our OEM services can accommodate these requests. We can work closely with you to ensure that the final product aligns with your brand identity.

2.ODM Customization: For those looking to create entirely new or customized products, our ODM services are the ideal solution. You can collaborate with our team to develop, design, and manufacture products that match your unique specifications and meet your particular market needs.

By choosing our OEM and ODM services, you can benefit from our expertise and experience, ensuring that the final products not only meet your expectations but also comply with industry standards and regulations. Feel free to reach out to discuss your customization requirements, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in creating tailored solutions that suit your business goals.


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