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The rise of the smart home: How technology is reshaping the landscape of everyday living

The rise of the smart home: How technology is reshaping the landscape of everyday living

Jan 1,2024
As the world is evolving, the connection between technology and humanity continues to deepen. Technology is constantly reshaping the way we interact with our homes. Starting from automated electric bulbs to voice assistants like Alexa, Google or Siri life has become extremely fast, automated and comforting. There is no surprise that people are these days turning more towards smart homes, to make their way of living secure and comfortable. A recent survey by Security.org discovered that around 78% of people today are willing to pay more for a smart home and around 82% of the renters want at least one smart home device. 

Reason Behind Smart Homes on the Rise?
“The reason behind the rise of smart homes can be attributed to several factors including energy efficiency, increased convenience and enhanced security. Apart from this, the adoption of smart and secure locks has brought smart homes into the limelight. These smart and secure locks serve as the base for a more connected and automated living space. Today a smart lock not only secures your home but also offers the best automation improvement. These locks are equipped with the latest technological updates and come in the market in several shapes and sizes. One of the main objectives of these locks is to provide people with comfort and convenience by offering advanced security features and smooth access control,“ said Mr. Vishal Jain, Founder of LAVNA Smart Locks

Advantages of Living in a Smart and Secure Home

Smart and Secure Living: The concept of smart and secure living is a promise that the smart lock industry has given to its customers. Today homeowners can have a smooth and contactless package delivery system just with one tap or one command. This reduces physical activity and offers a safe and more convenient experience and getting real-time updates and alerts about the package delivery is an extra benefit. Further, the safety features of a smart home give homeowners an overall sense of security and comfort. 

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Smart locks give the power to manage and monitor the property remotely. Through mobiles, people can lock or unlock doors, grant access to guests and other people and also receive real-time notifications about entry and exit activities. In today’s modern world, a person’s smartphone has turned into a powerful tool through which you can access control and monitoring. 

Zero Electricity Tension: Most smart locks work on batteries which makes them highly beneficial as they can continue to work even during a power outage. And if the battery completely drains out then homeowners can now charge the smart lock externally and use their registered finger, PIN or Card to unlock the door.

Home Automation: Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri have taken center stage in smart homes. Through voice commands people can now control the lights and other devices at home. Homeowners can now also schedule and automate tasks like adjusting thermostats, turning on/off lights, and many more. 

Access Control: With the introduction of smart locks, people now have shifted away from the hassle of managing manual keys. People can now unlock the doors of their homes, hotel rooms or workplace spaces through PINs, OTPs, Bluetooth connectivity and many more. The keyless entry system has given homeowners accessibility and control over their living spaces. Through these easy and sophisticated access controls, homeowners can give temporary access to guests and others and monitor their entry logs in real time.  

In short, a smart home is driven by cutting-edge technology which can make a person feel connected and efficient and give them a personalized living experience. And with time, the smart home landscape will continue to evolve.

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