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OliverIQ debuts first complete Smart Home as a Service at CES 2024

OliverIQ debuts first complete Smart Home as a Service at CES 2024

Jan 9,2024
OliverIQ, the industry's first complete Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) company, debuted at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company offers its SHaaS platform as a subscription model, bringing together the most popular smart home devices under an easy-to-use application backed by unlimited round-the-clock technical support.

The co-founders of OliverIQ, Eric Smith and Will West, the brains behind iBAHN and Control4, are on a mission to simplify home automation with their first-of-its-kind solution, breaking down the barriers in the smart home industry. The SHaaS platform aims to unite various connected devices while offering comprehensive product support.

Will West, CEO and Co-Founder of OliverIQ, says, "Until now, no one company has been able to integrate and support the entire spectrum of smart home devices. OliverIQ helps its partners fill the gaps, becoming full-service home automation heroes in the eyes of their customers."

Instead of homeowners being overwhelmed by the number of individual smart devices, each with its own distinct management application, the OliverIQ SHaaS solution eliminates this difficulty. It allows customers to access intuitive support for every connected device in their home. In addition, this service includes ongoing maintenance to prevent smart home functionality degradation over time.

Eric Smith, CTO and Co-Founder of OliverIQ, says, "With OliverIQ, we are breaking down the barriers in the smart home. Our platform is designed to bring the convenience and lifestyle of a fully automated home to a broader audience at an affordable price point, with at-your-service technical support."

Smart home automation, with its manifold complexities and maintenance challenges, requires professional intervention. The launch of OliverIQ's SHaaS platform could well revolutionise the sector, providing affordable end-to-end support for the digital home.

OliverIQ operates on a subscription-based business model where all tasks, such as initial setup, automation, software updates, and troubleshooting, are seamlessly managed through their app. Homeowners are supported with unlimited technical support calls, access to OliverIQ's comprehensive Knowledge Center, and a trusted number to call for help with any connected device.

Through their service provider partners, OliverIQ aims to offer their platform to homes nationwide. "Service has always been the crucial missing piece for a successful smart home experience. OliverIQ is partnering with regional and national providers who can offer virtual and in-home support. This scale keeps per-customer costs low, finally making home automation an affordable option for everyone," says Will West, CEO and Co-Founder of OliverIQ. 

Following a beta phase with selected partners in the U.S., OliverIQ is due to enter the market in the second quarter of 2024. The platform will be sold as a subscription model through internet service providers, home centre retailers, security providers, and builders and is poised to transform the way homeowners interact with smart technology.

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